Sindh Govt. closes free ambulance service


Staff Reporter

Paucity of funds to run a free ambulance service under the aegis of Sindh government has been closed. The provincial government has taken the ownership of Amn healthcare Services also known as Amn foundation, which due to shortage of funds had handed the free ambulance service to the provincial government but the later also failed to keep that service working for the mega city of Karachi over the excuse of paucity of funds.
It has been learned that Rs.4.1 million have so far been accrued but the provincial government failed to settle that money during past four months.
After the ambulance services were placed under the hands of Sindh government, it was renamed as Sindh Rescue and Medical Services and the fleet of the ambulances had consisted of 60 dedicated vans of ambulances. A minimum of 300 sick and injured were benefiting from that ambulance service in Karachi daily and October 17 was the last day of this free ambulance service to operate in Karachi.