Sindh faces administrative crisis as ‘Educational Emergency’ fails


The administrative crisis emerged in Sindh as the  decision of imposing an educational emergency in the department of school education in Sindh has failed.

According to details, more than forty-five percent of important posts in the department are still vacant as 27 vacancies out of 59 including the secretary of the department are yet vacant while only thirty-two officers are posted.

In three positions of Special Secretary of BPS-20, one position was vacant and two officers were appointed.In the meantime, only five officers have been appointed to the 18 positions of Deputy Secretary of BPS-18, leaving 9 positions vacant.

Out of 32 section officer positions of BPS-17, only 23 officers are posted while 9 positions are still vacant.It merits here to mention that the Sindh government had imposed an educational emergency since 2013.


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