Sindh education minister rejects SNC



Provincial Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah rejected the Single National Curriculum (SNC) telling the Sindh Assembly that education and curriculum were provincial subjects and the provinces had a right to teach the students in their respective mother tongue.

He was replying to a point of order raised by Leader of the Opposition Haleem Adil Shaikh, who wanted to know if the provincial government was closing down over 10,000 schools across the province.

Describing the SNC as ‘curriculum martial law’, Mr Shah said that that the federal government had not taken the Sindh government on board while preparing the curriculum and wanted to give published books to the province.

“In the new curriculum, they [federal government] are also asking the students about their three-year performance,” he added.Opposition leader asks why govt is closing down schools when 6.9m kids are already out of school He said that the federal government showed ‘hastiness’ to impose the SNC.


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