Wahab orders arrangements for rainwater disposal



Administrator Karachi, Sindh Government Spokesperson and CM Advisor on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Tuesday chaired high level meetings held at KMC Building in which Deputy Commissioners, Administrators, Municipal Commissioners and Focal Persons of seven districts of Karachi participated.

In a separate meetings chaired by the Administrator Karachi, apart from development works in seven districts of Karachi, administrative matters were reviewed on the expected situation arising out of the new spell of rain in Karachi.

Wahab on the occasion directed all the districts to make full arrangements for drainage of rainwater in their respective areas.

“Staff and machinery should be kept in a state of readiness so that in case of rains, immediate action can be taken and drainage of water from roads and streets can be started,” he added.

The Administrator said that said that the officers of all the districts should work together for the betterment of the city by removing obstacles in their work through mutual communication.

He directed the administrators of all districts to monitor the cleaning of storm drains and ensure drainage in case of rains.

He said that in the next two days, the checkpoints should be cleared where there is a danger of stagnant rainwater.

The administrator said that in case of rains, steps would have to be taken to maintain the flow of traffic so that the citizens would face minimum inconvenience

. He said that it has often been observed that traffic jams occur as soon as it starts raining and it takes hours for citizens to reach their homes from their offices. He added that traffic police and city wardens should work diligently during the rains and restore traffic.

The Administrator said that the local bodies did a good job in the recent rains which was appreciated by the citizens. He said that if any work is done in good faith, it will be successful.

The local bodies have all the resources, just need to enable them. Barrister Murtaza Wahab directed the Deputy Commissioners of the districts to keep in touch with the heads of the local bodies and provide them with the help of the administration where it is needed.

He said that this is the city of all of us and we have to serve the citizens without any discrimination which is our duty and the citizens expect the local bodies to solve their local government problems.

The administrator Karachi also directed that the complaints received from the citizens should be resolved immediately and a data be compiled so that they can see for themselves how many complaints the citizens have lodged and to what extent they have been resolved.


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