Shazia stresses for reforms to conduct free, fair elections


Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation, Shazia Merri on Thursday stressed the need for reforms to conduct free and fair elections in the country.

There is dire need to work on election reforms to bring improvement in the system, she said while talking to news channels.

Commenting on Imran’s political agenda against the ruling party of Pakistan Muslim League-N, she said, Imran Khan is not able to gather one hundred thousand people for his campaign launched to grab power.

She said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), leadership is crying for power to rule the country again through different tactics.In reply to a question about campaign for early elections, she said there is no harm to organize elections before the time but we need to have reforms for transparent elections.

She expressed the hope that incumbent government would make all out efforts to conduct error-free elections across the country.