Farah Gogi responsible for bringing bad name to Imran Khan: Attaullah Tarar


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Deputy Secretary-General Attaullah Tarar on Thursday lashed out at Usman Buzdar and said former premier Imran Khan made the Punjab Chief to such a person, who had no authority, adding that Buzdar had no value and all the authorities were handed to Farah Gogi.

Addressing a news conference in Lahore, Tarar said that Farah Gogi is responsible for bringing bad name to Imran Khan. Farah Gogi had done the corruption of millions of rupees under the umbrella of Imran Khan.

Tarar said how the assets of Farah Gogi has reached Rs850 million from Rs210 million, adding that in more than 40 accounts, Farah received Rs850 million by March, this year. Tarar said that Farah Gogi had no money trail of Rs320 million. Tarar said Farah was given Rs320 through Tax Am-nesty Scheme, adding the former government had made Farah Gogi, the owner of everything.

He said through Imran Khan’s permission that the tax of Rs320 million was exempted, adding that Tax Amnesty scheme is the first NRO, which was given to Farah Gogi. He said that Farah Gogi has an exclusive contact with Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, adding that there is no foreign conspiracy against Farah Gogi, but local one.

Tarar lashed out at Farah and said that Farah Gogi had run the Punjab Government in such a way, by which even the pri-vate companies could not be operate. Tarar said the Nikkah ceremony of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi was held at the residence of Farah Gogi, the photos of which are available.Ata Tarar said if the Governor has removed, then as per constitution, the Speaker becomes the Governor, adding that if the speaker becomes the Governor, then the Deputy Speaker becomes Speaker.

Tarar flayed PTI and said that behind ‘Farah Gogi Bachao March’ there is no foreign conspiracy, adding that the uproar of the all the allegations of conspiracy could be hear from Bani Gani.

Tarar said that whatever Farah earned went to Imran Khan’s empire, adding that Farah is answerable to all the suspicious transactions.