Shaheen-3 Missile tested



PAKISTAN conducted a successful flight test of Shaheen-3 surface to surface ballistic missile having a range of 2750 kilometres. According to the ISPR, the missile has the capability to carry both conventional and nuclear warheads and its test flight was aimed at revalidating various design and tech parameters of the weapon system.
There is no denying the fact that Pakistan has come a long way in its missile development effort and has acquired the capability to produce short, medium and long range missiles. This also really speaks volume about the capability and competence of our scientists and the technical staff who worked day and night to make the country’s defence impregnable. The nation will always remember their services. It is because of their hard work that today the country has a variety of ballistic missiles ranging from tactical battlefield weapons to medium range ballistic systems with the ability to hit any target in India. Pakistan is now ranked amongst the few countries which has a robust missile development program. Indeed it took years of investment to reach this stage but doing so was inevitable given the belligerence posture of our arch enemy. Especially in recent years, India has signed big ticket defence deals with all the major countries including the US, France, Russia and Japan. In its pursuit of regional hegemony, New Delhi is spending billions of dollars whilst Pakistan cannot do so owing to its financial constraints, yet at the same time it is a matter of satisfaction that our authorities concerned as well as successive governments invested in the uplift of the defence industry which is not only catering to our security requirements but this has also enabled us to export our defence related products. These strides must continue in future as well and more focus should be given on research in science and technology in order to produce hi tech products. Whilst state owned enterprises such as Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) are doing excellent work, the private sector should also be engaged and involved in the manufacturing of products. The private sector has the best business practices and can greatly contribute to increasing the defence related exports.


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