Session on ‘Urdu ki Nai Bastiyan’ held at Urdu Conference



On the third day of the Fifteenth Aalmi Urdu Conference under the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, a session titled “Urdu Ki Nai Bastian” was held. While presiding over the session Ashfaq Hussain, a well-known poet from Canada, said that like Pakistan, Europe and North America Due to the presence of talented Urdu poets and prose writers, the new Bastian of Urdu will continue to settle and Urdu will continue to flourish.

The speakers got a chance to interact and help in promoting literature. During this session, Saeed Naqvi from America, Akram Qaim Khani and Dr. Qaiser Zaidi from Great Britain, Ishrat Moin Seema from Germany and Tehmina Rao from Australia participated in the discussion. While Ghazanfar Hashmi performed the duties of moderator, Dr. Saeed Naqvi said that many creators started their literary journey abroad, it is easy to shine locally, but to convince oneself, connection with the old towns of Urdu is necessary. , virtual session have been extremely successful during Covid, Akram Qaim Khani said that those who love Urdu are also present outside Pakistan and are very active.

The wonderful programs have been going on for the past eleven years, online mushairas are being organized, Tehmina Rao while participating in the conversation said that a lot of work is being done on Urdu literature in all the states of Australia, the future of Urdu is bright there. , mushairas and literary meetings organized by various organizations are being organized regularly, Urdu is also taught in schools, Patron Yorkshire Literary Forum Dr. Qaiser Zaidi said that Urdu literature has a long history in Britain, progressive.

The movement also started in Britain, the new settlements of Urdu abroad are very fertile, there is a lot of work being done there on .