Serving humanity is noble cause


19 August is celebrated as world Humanitarian day by humanity lovers and United Nations. The basic purpose is to give tribute to those who have rendered their services for humanity as a social worker during calamities such as earthquake, flood, war, man-made as well as natural disasters without avarice, avidness of dough and cupidity. This year it has been announced by UNO that our focus is on those unsung heroes who have dedicated their lives for the service of humanity. Moreover, they (UNO) want to help the victims of wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Kashmir, Palestine, etc.
The humanity is suffering from starvation, poverty, fatal diseases and they are living the lives as refugees. They need our help on humanitarian grounds. According to UNO, approximately 134 million people are looking for the help and aid for their survival. Actually, its love for humanity taught by all the religions of the world. Indeed, this day is not common one thus on this day we should spread the message of love, peace, tranquillity, universal brotherhood. We should help the needy without any discrimination setting aside the credentials of cast, creed and religion. In our country Pakistan, we need many Abdul Satar Edhi, Dr Bilqees Malik and Dr. Ruth . They all lived for the humanity throughout their lives. Long live humanity!

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