Seengar Noonari released after 35 days


Seengar Noonari, a leader of the Awami Workers Party, was released Sunday morning after 35 days.

He was picked up by law enforcement personnel from his home in Sindh’s Nasirabad on June 26. ‘We were sleeping in the veranda with our three children when two men in Rangers uniforms jumped into our house on the night of June 26,’ Fauzia, Noonari’s wife.

She said that there were men in police uniforms and plain clothes when her husband was taken away. The news of his return was revealed by AWP Sindh on Twitter.

‘Comrade Seengar Noonari has been released. Congrats to all party comrades, especially to the Nasirabad party, sympathisers, and all progressive people of the country.—INP

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