Security guard slaps, humiliates woman


In a disgusting act caught on camera, a security guard slapped a woman at the entrance of an apartment in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar, leaving her unconscious.According to a video, a woman and a security guard could be seen engaged in an argument at the entrance of a building when suddenly the latter slapped the former in the face.

The poor soul could be seen immediately falling to the ground as the security guard further hit her with his shoes.The woman lay there at the entrance for minutes as those standing alongside the guard did not bother to pick her up or stop the security guard from committing the inhumane act.

According to sources having knowledge of the incident, the security guards and the union of the building in Guilistan-e-Johar block 17 stopped anyone from helping the woman after the incident. “A security guard and a man named Adil were involved in the entire episode,” they said.

Meanwhile, the police also raided the apartment to arrest the suspects allegedly involved in the entire episode, however, they were able to flee.


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