Scientists sound alarm after strong solar flares


Scientists have issued a warning after the sun threw out some of the strongest solar flares in years, recording a period of increased activity which could impact our planet in the future.

The observation was recorded on April 16 and 20. The Independent reported it as the ‘strongest flare’ in the current solar cycle, causing a brief radio blackout in some parts of Asia. The flares have erupted from the edge of the sun, thus, missing Earth largely and preventing serious damage. The sun works in 11 year periods of activity, which causes its magnetic field to flip. The current solar cycle began in 2019 and is expected to peak in 2025. Solar falres can disrupt the electrical grid, posing a threat to satellites and space installations. Professor Matthew Owens from the University of Readings has observed that the frequency of sunspots recorded has been higher than official forecasts expected.He elaborated saying, “I think at least some of this is from getting the timing of the cycle start wrong.

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