SCBA to challenge lifetime ineligibility under Article 62F


The Supreme Court Bar Association has prepared a petition challenging the life-long disqualification of a candidate under Article 62 I-F, it was learnt on Monday.

Reportedly, the SCBA is going to challenge the life-long disqualification of a candidate slapped by the court and has drafted a petition in this regard under Article 62 I-F. The bar association will submit its petition to the apex court soon.

The lawyers’ body pleaded that the disqualification of the candidate should be restricted only to the election that is to be challenged in the court of law.

The petition further states that imposing a life-long ban on a candidate is violation of his basic rights.

It prays that in the suo motu notices and other special prerogatives granted to the Supreme Court, a petitioner must be given the right of appeal.

It points that the apex court has already declared in the local government elections case that the elected representatives could not be kept aloof from people.

It’s against the teachings of Islam to not pardon those who contemplate and seek forgiveness on their mistakes, it says citing cases of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. The SCBA has made federal government party to the case.

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