SC grants bail to a man sentenced in murder case


Supreme Court while approving bail plea of a convict sentenced to person in a murder case has issued orders to release him against surety bond in the sum of Rs one lac.
A two-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) presided over by Justice Azmat Saeed took up the case for hearing Friday.
The law officer told the court during the hearing of the case that the accused Zahid ur Rehman pleaded guilty before police and told them the details as well.
The vehicle was also recovered from the accused while two mobiles of victim were also recovered from co-accused. As per mobile record the accused were present on the scene.
No recovery was made from the scene. If the accused is granted bail in this matter then every murderer will commit crime by administering injection. Justice Azmat Saeed remarked “statement given before police is not accepted as acceptable evidence.
No link is proved of the vehicle with the murder which was recovered. What to speak of KP police, if it wanted so it would have recovered my vehicle. If bail is not granted then police will make every person present in the area of murder as accused.
The court while ordering to release Zahid ur Rehman against surety bonds worth Rs 1 Lac disposed of the matter.—INP