Sale of electric cars charge ahead in Europe


Electric cars key to reducing emissions and meeting climate change goals have boosted their market share in Europe, data showed Friday, as the region prepares to abandon petrol and diesel.

Battery electric vehicles more than doubled their share of new car sales in Europe in the second quar-ter, according to the European Automobile Manu-facturers’ Association (ACEA) which groups to-gether major car firms.

All-electric vehicles ac-counted for 7.5 percent of new car sales in Europe in the three months from April through June, against 3.5 percent during that period last year.

In absolute terms, sales of battery electric vehicles more than tripled across Europe to reach 210,298 cars.

The ACEA said there were substantial gains in the region’s top four markets, led by sales more than quadrupling in Spain and Germany. —AFP


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