Safeguarding minority rights part of Pakistan’s foundational ethos: Moazzam


To mark the ‘National Minorities Day’ a seminar entitled “Minorities role in Nation Building: A Tribute to Pakistani Religious Minorities” was held at the Pakistan High Commission London.

The Seminar was jointly organised by the High Commission and World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) to pay tribute to the invaluable contribution made by minorities in the progress and development of Pakistan.

Prominent members of Pakistani minority communities based in the UK as well as a large number of people from various walks of life attended the event.

Dr James Shera MBE and Sitara-e-Pakistan, Dr Amineh Hoti, Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, Sonoo Malkani, Rupert Gold and Chanchal Singh Chaudhary and Councillor Tariq Dar addressed the seminar.

In his remarks on the occasion, High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan thanked the minorities of Pakistan for their contribution to nation building efforts.

He reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and betterment of its minorities in accordance with the vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Constitution of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan was created by a minority in the quest for safeguarding minority rights; therefore, minority rights were part of Pakistan’s foundational ethos.

The High Commissioner also apprised the participants of the steps taken by Pakistan to ensure inter-faith harmony across the country, including inter alia opening of Kartarpur Corridor.

He appealed to the minorities of Pakistan to remain steadfast in their commitment to their country of origin and heritage.

The speakers commended the role of minorities in the creation of Pakistan and its subsequent progress and development.

They underlined the need for diversity and inclusiveness for the socio-economic development of the country.

The speakers also appreciated the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in promoting the rights and welfare of the minority communities and underlined that these efforts must continue.

Chairperson WCOP Dr Suhail Chughtai welcomed the guests while Co-Founder of WCOP Syed Qamar Raza offered a vote of thanks at the end. Dr Arif Anis Malik and Reverend Rana Youab Khan moderated the event.

Two brothers called Leo Twins presented a national song and received applause from the audience.—INP

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