Sadia Rashid appeals nation for special prayers

Staff Reporter

Sadia Rashid, Chief Mutawallia of Hamdard Pakistan, has appealed to the nation to hold special prayers on the 27th of Ramazan (Laylatul-Qadr), to overcome the socio-economic devastation in Pakistan caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

This difficult situation is a test for all of us. We must repent and seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, with a promise of trying to be better human beings, and following the instructions of medical professionals, in order to prevent further spread of this disease.

She said “The day of 27th of Ramazan holds a unique significance for Pakistani Muslims as it not only marks the day on which the first verses of Holy Quran were revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), but also Pakistan’s Independence Day coincided with it.

She said: “Since 1973, Hamdard Pakistan along with its all subsidiary institutions celebrate this day with religious and national fervor because it was the founder of Hamdard Pakistan, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said who was the torch-bearer of the movement of “27 Ramazan as Independence Day of Pakistan” and started this movement to revive the passion, enthusiasm and sincerity people had shown during the independence struggle of our country.

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