Sindh govt requested to follow NCOC decisions, court orders

Staff Reporter

Maggo has said that GoS has issued some SOPs that are not even in accordance with NCOC directives.

He was referring to an NCOC notification where it has allowed 24/7 takeaway services for restaurants nationwide; but the provincial government has restricted it to 07:00 pm everyday with effect from May 07, 2021.

Maggo has asked the Government of Sindh whether it considers itself above and beyond NCOC! This question has been raised on the basis of their defiance to implement NCOC SOPs in letter and spirit.

To make matters worse, the provincial government is using brutal force of police to block even the home deliveries, which it has itself allowed. Police are also forcing restaurants to discontinue takeaways.

FPCCI is shocked to know that the multinational fast food chains are allowed to continue their drive-thru services; while the local brands and restaurants are being bullied by police.

Despite being contacted, again and again, provincial ministers are not taking any action.

FPCCI demands that the CM Sindh should immediately take this unlawful notification back and allow 24/7 takeaways and home deliveries as allowed by NCOC and being done in rest of Pakistan.

FPCCI maintains that it is ever ready to discuss and cooperate with the provincial government to help solve issues of business, industry, and trade communities.

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