SMIU starts research on enhancement of prawns, lobster production

City Reporter

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Sciences, Sindh Madarsatul-Islam University (SMIU), has launched research to enhance the production of prawns and lobsters using a novel approached artificial intelligence algorithm.

Prof. Dr Syed Asif Ali talking about research work on International / National Day of Prawns said that this day is celebrated on May 10 every year at the international/national level.

He further said that Sindh Madrasatul-Islam University is the pioneer public sector university in Pakistan to offer a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence.

He further added that the fishing industry can play an eminent role in the improvement of the country’s economy.

A large number of Pakistanis consume prawns as a portion of food each year, similarly, Pakistan is also a prawn exporter country.

Today’s environment plays a drastic role in seawater and changes its Pure Hydrogen (PH) value which causes a detrimental effect on prawn growth.

Research Scholar Adnan Alam is designing a novel algorithm using Artificial Intelligence under the supervision of Prof Dr Syed Asif Ali.

He further lauded the efforts made by worthy Vice Chancellor SMIU Prof. Dr Mujeeb-ud-Din Memon Sahrai and glorified his professionalism and unremitting encouragement about university’s research-related activities.


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