‘Russia is invited to G-20 summit,’ says Russian ambassador to Indonesia

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Jakarta: Russian ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobieva said Russia has been invited to come to the G-20 summit, dismissing suggestions by some G20 members that Russia could be barred from the group, which is due to take place later this year in Indonesia.

Speaking to a news reporter Ambassador Vorobieva said Kremlin intends to attend the meeting which could be very crucial considering the volatile international affairs and the Ukrainian war.

“It will depend on many, many things, including the COVID situation, that is getting better. So far, his [Putin] intention is … he wants to,” ambassador Lyudmila Vorobieva told a news conference.

When asked about the possibilities of Russia being excluded from the G20, she said it was a forum to discuss economic issues and not a crisis like Ukraine.

“Of course, the expulsion of Russia from this kind of forum will not help these economic problems to be resolved. On the contrary, without Russia, it would be difficult to do so.”

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