Rural women’s access to agri-resources stressed


Staff Reporter


Thardeep Rural Development Programme was facilitating rural women’s access to agricultural resources, education, extension and financial services.
Experts lamented that while preparing the plans of poverty reduction we unfortunately forget the importance of education, health, water, sanitation and malnutrition, which are main factors to deal with carefully.
“A family possessing a single goat can live sustainably,” Dr. Khadim Hussain Lakhair Board of Director member of TRDP spoke in a cheque distribution ceromny organized by Thardeep Rural Development Prgram (TRDP) held at Khairpur Nathan Shah on Monday.
The ceromny was organized amid to distribute cheque amount in under nutrition pregnant & lactating women to purchase goats and input support to small scale poor farmers for the rice croping under Program for Improved Nutrition in Sindh PINS. The TRDP BoD Director stressed experts to adopt the multidimensional approach to deal with matters. “In this regard, community participation, especially the role of women is of essence,” he emphasised.
Adding he expressed that women could surely play a role in the reducing malnutrition, primary health care, growing household level Kitchen gardening and income generation programmes successfully.
The ceremony attracted a large number of women leaders from different Union Councils of Dadu district, where women lead the poverty reduction programme was launched, including Johi, Wahi Pandhi, Drigh Bala, Thalo, Gozo, Gadehi, Kandi Chuki Mitho Babar, Kakar and Bughia Union Councils of Dadu District were shared their experiences and showed their confidence to lead the communities at all levels.
Dr. Khadim Hussain Lakhair , showered kudos on the women leaders, who, despite coming from poor and economically marginalised backgrounds, stepped up to talk with government officials at district level.

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