RSS gangsters have narrowed down life on Indian Muslims: Mahmood


Provincial Housing and Urban Development Minister Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed has said that lifespan has been narrowed down on the Muslims of India owing to extremist policies being adopted by Modi government. All minorities living in India have become unsafe and suffering from insecurity on account of nefarious designs and fascist thinking adopted by Modi government, he deplored.
In a statement regarding massacre of Muslims at the hands of Hindu extremists in India he said that the Constitution of Pakistan provides complete protection to the minorities and they have full freedom to lead their lives according to their religious faith.
The RSS gangsters are indulging into bloodbath of Muslims in India, he condemned. Modi government’s extremist designs have aggravated the prevailing situation and resulted in escalation of outbursts and anger shown by the minorities in India. The attack of Hindus on Muslims is a preplanned agenda by the Indian government in New Delhi and RSS gangsters have been given free spree to commit mass murder of Muslims. The massacre of Muslims in the name of religion is a shameful act, he maintained. No action being taken so far against extremist elements is a big question mark on the performance of Indian government which is continuously pursuing on its policy of committing Muslim genocide. The mass murder of Muslims under the patronage of government is a criminal act and the obnoxious face of Modi government has been fully exposed by inflicting atrocities on the Muslims. World community should vociferously raise its voice against grave violations of human rights being committed in India, concluded Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed.

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