Rs493m of fish farming project launched in Skardu, GB


Staff Reporter


Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan launched the project: National Program for Improvement of Water Courses, GB component under PM’s Agriculture Emergency Program.
In the inauguration ceremony Governor; Chief Minister GB, Provincial Minister & Secretary for Fisheries and Livestock, Chief Secretary GB and Jahangir Khan Tareen participated.
The incumbent government right at the start gave agriculture a great importance and PM’s Agriculture Emergency Program was initiated to dramatically change the traditional outlook of agriculture and to bring it in line with the modern demands by infusion of capital; expertise and technology. Almost all the agro fields were taken into account for the subject development.
There are 13 projects in toto in which all the provincial governments and departments are stakeholders and the subject projects were designed and would subsequently be executed in collaboration with provincial departments. It is pertinent to mention that two of the projects are already launched earlier this month.
After the inauguration of backyard poultry and water conservation initiative in GB Federal Minister proceeded to Skardu where he inaugurated of trout fish farming project worth PKR 493million was launched at the site of Hosho fish hatchery farm and later the federal minister and the team were briefed about cage culture trout farming at Jarboso (blind lake)
Federal Minister on the occasion said that Pakistan is blessed with enormous fresh water reservoirs and it has 1100 km long coastline, which is ideal for fish farming and development of aquaculture; unfortunately these natural water resources are not tapped up to the maximum level.
This has not only affected Pakistan trade but also there is a stark difference between Pakistan and rest of the world’s per capita fish consumption which is one of reasons for stunted growth in children. So far we are unable to develop marine aquaculture in Pakistan.
It is so encouraging to note that the incumbent government has fathomed the importance of agriculture, fisheries and livestock.
PM directed to formulate a task force and an exclusive working group was formulated for fisheries comprising members of public and private sector from provincial and federal fisheries departments.

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