Round the clock Covid-19 vaccination starts at Allied Hospitals

Staff Reporter

To bring a maximum number of people under Covid-19 vaccination coverage, round the clock 24/7 vaccination centres have been set up at Allied Hospitals of the city here Monday.

Principal Allied Hospitals Professor Muhammad Umer told media, that vaccination centres were established to stop overcrowding of centres and to ensure public safety at Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and District Headquarter Hospital.

He said that time limitation has been abolished to increase the jabs speed and residents can now get vaccinated 24×7 at their convenience.

Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent HFH Dr Shazia Rashid informed that state of art vaccination centre has started working at the hospital while maximum awareness and guidance was being ensured to those visiting the centre.

She said that three types of vaccine doses, including Astra Zeneca, Sinopharm and Sinovac were administered to the people at the centre.

Shazia said that a free cost facility was being provided to the people at allied hospitals of the city, adding a team of doctors including para-medical staff has been deployed to vaccinate people around the clock.

Meanwhile, according to the latest data shared by the District Health Authority, 441,266 people including 27,598 health workers and 413,668 senior citizens have jabbed themselves against the lethal coronavirus (COVID-19) aross the district since the vaccination administering drive launched on March 10.

The report said that 16 more COVID-19 cases were tested positive during the last 24 hours, raising the tally of confirmed cases to 26,480 in the district while 25,127 patients were discharged after recovery.

“Presently 58 confirmed patients were admitted to various city facilities, counting 20 in Holy Family Hospital,8 in Benazir Bhutto Hospital,14 in Institute of Urology,15 in Fauji Foundation Hospital and one in Hearts International Hospital,” the health authority report said.

The report updated that 17 international passengers who had been tested positive for COVID-19,13 were allowed to go to their homes as their reports were tested negative while four were quarantined at Women University Satellite town.