NUMS pledges not to do anything contributing to environment degradation

City Reporter

National University of Medical Sciences pledged not to use anything, contributing to environment degradation.

“Vice Chancellor of NUMS Lt Gen Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed, Retd in his remarks said “climate change is a very big challenge which needs an unwavering commitment at the global, national, institutional and individual level. Cognizant of its social responsibility, the university has pledged to go zero waste.

Simple practical measures and changes in individual and institutional practices can result in long term impact.”

Climate change has emerged as one of the biggest existential threats to the world today and Pakistan has been ranked seventh among the countries most vulnerable to it.

One of the major contributors to this, is the pollution caused by generation of huge amounts of waste which ends up in open dumps especially in countries like Pakistan.

NUMS has also planned a webinar on June 9, to create awareness and environment experts are invited to share their views and experiences in this regard.

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