Rohit, not captain cool

Bipin Dani

Unlike Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is calm on field regardless of the situation, both his successors Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma lose their tempers more than often.

On Tuesday, Team India captain Rohit Sharma lost his cool when no request for a DRS signal came from bowler Yuzvendra Chahal or Dinesh Karthik. Only captain has to signal for the DRS but the bowler and wicket-keeper are at the best angles to suggest to the captain.

Former Australuian captain Steve Smith was trapped by Chahal in front of the stumps as he was looking to drop it on the leg side and pinch a single. When the replays shown on the big TV screen suggested thsat the ball was going on to hit the stumps. Rohit saw the footage on the big screen, he appeared annoyed with Chahal and wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik but at that time it was too late and the 15-second DRS time had already elapsed.

It was at this moment Rohit was seen grabbing DK’s neck in a playful manner. According to Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach Dinesh Lad, this was done in jest. “I don’t think Rohit grabbing DK neck in psainful manner. Both are good friends. I think Rohit is just telling him, why you didn’t prompt me to take a DRS immediately”.

Lad, however, agrees that Rohit is not as cool as Dhoni. Leave aside Rohit’s recent gesture, there have been other instances when he has lost cool on the field of play.

* He got angry at Bangladeshi bowler Mustafizur Rahman. * He was livid at Navdeep Saini and asked him to use his head. * He abused Rishabh Pant after an overthrow. 4) Rohit Sharma once was seen abusing the Umpires. 5) During the recent Asia Cup, he was seen shouting at Arshdeep Singh when a simple catch was dropped.


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