Rising suicide trend among Indian troops remains unchanged


Rising suicide trend among low morale Indian armed forces in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir remains unchanged.

According to a report released by Kashmir Me-dia Service, 527 Indian troops have committed sui-cide since Jan 2007 till now in the occupied terri-tory.

Poor leadership, hard behaviour of seniors are cited as some of the reasons for rising suicide inci-dents. The report added that increasing suicides are also because of deficiency in leave to go home, workplace ill-treatment and poor services.

One among main reasons behind highest sui-cides is deployment in the conflict zone, the report pointed out. Besides, realization of fighting a futile war against a hostile public is also cited as a sound reason behind rising suicidal tendencies.

The report in its findings figured out that Indian military leadership has failed to address issues relat-ing to suicides among forces’ personnel.

Morally down Indian military is no match for resolute, valiant Kashmiris, it quoted observers as saying.—KMS


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