Rising Hindutva from ashes of secular India


RSS-led Modi Junta is fast pushing ahead with its Hindutva ideology and after occupied Kashmir, the next victims of extremist ideology are Muslims of Assam — the northeastern State of India. Indian government has now stripped about two million people, mostly Muslims, in the Assam State of their Indian citizenship. It is surprising that Modi who himself failed to produce record of his bachelor degree is forcing the people of Assam to prove their genuine Indian heritage.
The draconian exercise seems geared to exclude people rather than any genuine effort to create a roster of Indian citizens. To qualify for National Register of Citizens, the Asamese have to prove that either they or their ancestors lived in the state before March 1971. We have no doubt in saying that the entire process is underpinned by ethnic bigotry and Modi has once again proved his animosity towards Muslims — manifestations of which were seen in massacre of Muslims in Gujarat and mostly recently when he did not grant party ticket to any Muslim candidate in the general elections. The extremist BJP government has made it abundantly clear that India is no longer a secular state but a land only for Hindus. Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet correctly stated that ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India should ring alarm bells in the world. Time has come that world and human rights organisations shun double standards and force India to withdraw the controversial citizenship list which risks mass deportation.
If it was not done, magnitude of the crisis will be far serious than that of Rohingya Muslims as this time the population at risk is much bigger. It is also for pro-India Bangladesh government to immediately take up the matter with India before it is too late. After Assam, BJP is due to hold a citizenship test for all of India’s 1.3 billion residents – part of a plan to make India a Hindu rashtra, nation. The targets will be Muslims and other minorities. It is time for them to forcefully raise voice for the oppressed Kashmiri people and the Asamese before the axe falls on them. This Hindutva ideology also carries a loud and clear message for the Muslim Ummah and the world at large. This should be countered forcefully if we really want to make this region and world a cradle of peace and stability.