Rich homage paid to Fazil Rahu on death anniversary


Sawan Khaskheli


The speakers on the 33rd death anniversary of the popular peasant leader Mohammad Fazil Rahu at his village Rahuki on Friday paid rich homage to the late leader for his services for the peasants and downtrodden people of the region.
Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the advisor to Chief Minister Sindh and president of Pakistan People Party (PPP) Sindh chapter, speaking to the big public gathering said that Shaheed Fazil Rahu was one of those leaders, who would long be remembered for their great sacrifices for the democracy and the usurped rights of the people.
“Fazil like great Bhuttos instead of making any compromises on their lofty principles rather preferred to live like the brave man and laid down his precious life for the sake of the people and their rights” he said and added that the great leader was axed to death under a deep-stead conspiracy by then rulers and their puppets in mid 80s when the people were charged to bring the real democracy in the country.
He said that Rahu was few among leaders who remained at the forefronts during the dictatorships from General Ayub Khan to General Zia, like the true leader and never budged even an inch from the stance he had taken.
Nisar Khuhro said that the sons and other heirs of Fazil Rahu had taken the very right decision to join the party, which was the only party, which had the rich history of the struggle and resistance against the non-democratic forces.
He said that they (PPP leaders) had never taken the U-turns like PTI leaders adding he lashed out at the federal government for stopping the due funds of Sindh.
He said that federal government instead of giving the jobs and controlling the price hike and inflation were forcing the people of the country to commit suicides adding he said that it was the high time to get rid of such rulers.