Residents appeal for protection of privacy

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

An American citizen constructing a five star hotel in Gan Koreni, a suburb of Chitral. Local people said that when they started work on the hotel, they were assured that the sanctity of their chadar and chardewari veil would be maintained but the agreement was not implemented when the hotel reached the fourth floor.

Locals say we have no objection on the construction of the hotel but the curtains of our houses should be maintained so that women can carry out their work without any hesitation. Locals say that windows, doors should not be made towards our houses or walls should be made for curtains so as to not disturb their privacy.

Former Tehsil Nazim and Pesh Imam of Jamia Masjid Gan Koreni, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas also revealed that Chitral is in the red zone in terms of earthquake and at the time of construction of the hotel, the owner did not even have the approval of the building authority and relevant agencies. When we submitted complaint then his approval was taken.


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