Reservations of MQM


THE MQM-P delegation, headed by its convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, had a productive meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif as the latter assured the coalition partners to address their grievances.

The assurance came when the delegation expressed serious concern over non-implementation of the agreement signed with the Federal and Sindh Governments.

Differences of opinion is nothing new, especially among coalition partners, when they have conflicting political interests but a way out is not an impossibility provided there is will to sort them out through sincere discussions and dialogue.

Though MQM-P is also a coalition partner at the Centre, its main concern is Sindh as it has its vote bank in urban Sindh and wants to have an effective say in the resolution of the problems of its voters and supporters.

The conflict of interest was also there before but the two sides managed to find a common ground, paving the way for the MQM-P to part ways with the PTI and join the new government.

There were lengthy talks and finally an agreement was worked out and, therefore, it is important for the two sides to honour the commitments made to each other.

During the meeting of the MQM-P delegation with the Prime Minister, it transpired that grievances of the party related to the provincial government of Sindh, especially in the context of amendment in the Local Government Act.

The delegation sought intervention of the Prime Minister and he responded understandably in the affirmative as continuation of the alliance with the MQM-P was vital for the numbers game in the National Assembly.

MQM is a political reality and should be treated as such for the sake of harmonious working of the system not just at the Centre but also in Sindh.


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