Rescue-1122 conducts mock exercise


Rescue-1122 conducted a mock exercise at Forward Sports Sahuwala to deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

According to Rescue spokesperson, on the special instructions of Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer, under the supervision of Regional Emergency Officer Syed Kamal Abid and headed by District Emergency Officer (DEO) Engineer

Naveed Iqbal, mock drills were conducted at Forward Sports Sahuwala.Rescuers, Rescue Guards and Forward Sports team participated. Engineer Naveed Iqbal acted as incident commander, and Rescue & safety Officer Muhammad Ehsan acted as operational commander.

Mock exercise included accidental command post and control tower in case of tragedy in mock drills, safe evacuation of shelter on rooftops, evacuation of injured to hospital with timely first aid and people trapped in the building using rescue vehicle equipment. Regional Emergency Officer Gujranwala inspected the mock drills.

Addressing the rescuers and rescue guards, the Regional Emergency Officer said that the purpose of such mock exercises was to assess the operational capabilities of rescue to cope with any emergency situation.

He appreciated the performance of rescue and expressed satisfaction over their professionalism.