Reforms to reduce rich-poor gulf vital for economic stability: Alvi


Staff Reporter

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that economic reforms, focusing on tax culture, ending corruption and austerity measure to ultimately reduce the widening gulf between rich and poor is vital to attain the economic stability.
Addressing at a seminar on ‘Pakistan Economic Insight: A way forward’ here at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on Tuesday, Arif Alvi said financial stability of the country must be in a manner to improve economic conditions of common man.
He said steps taken by the government for financial documentation, tax collection and austerity measures were justified and also in the larger interest of country and its people.
The President regretted that fifty percent of world’s wealth was in hands of 100 billionaires, which showed the sorry state of unjust distribution of money, owing to global capitalism.
Dr. Arif Alvi called for ensuring equality among people and providing them employment opportunities for better economic conditions.