Reactivation of terrorist cells


THERE is precariously an uptick in terrorist attacks in recent weeks in the country.

In the latest episode two security personnel including a Captain was martyred in Pasni area of Balochistan.

Talking to a private television channel DG, ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar said there is a threat of terrorist sleeper cells becoming active again due to current situation in Afghanistan.

Our security forces have waged a successful fight against terrorists that led to restoration of peace in the country.

The anti-terrorism operations forced leaders of terrorist outfits to take refuge in neighbouring Afghanistan from where they continue to operate against Pakistan.

There are clear evidence that Indian intelligence agency RAW and Afghan intelligence agency NDS are backing these outfits to perpetrate terrorism in Pakistan.

As violence is soaring in Afghanistan, these terror outfits will definitely try to regroup in Pakistan through their sleeper cells.

It is a matter of satisfaction that our security forces are fully alert to the threat, as these residual elements cannot be allowed to disrupt the hard earned peace under any circumstances.

Security forces are now better prepared to crush these sleeper cells in their dens with inputs from National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC) headed by ISI Chief Faiz Hameed.

This liaison body of intelligence agencies has recently done a tremendous work by exposing the elements behind Lahore blast in a matter of few days.

While we are confident that perpetrators of Dasu bus tragedy will also be brought to justice, the NICC has a pivotal role in not only pre-empting terrorist plots but also eliminating these sleeper cells.

Decision of sealing all illegal crossing points from Afghanistan is timely and security check should be further made stringent at legal crossing points in order to avert the entry of undesirable elements into the country.

Pakistan has gone an extra mile to facilitate the Afghan peace process, as there is a greater realisation that instability there will have fallout for our country as well.

It is also for the Afghan leadership to rise above finger pointing and focus its energies towards achieving sustainable peace in their country.

The Afghan parties will have to demonstrate maturity and flexibility in their stance not only to give a healing touch to their war torn people but also save this region from descending into another period of chaos and anarchy.


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