An intolerable incident



SOME unidentified people on Friday abducted Afghan Ambassador Najeebullah Alikhail’s daughter in broad daylight from a busiest market and threw her near the Fatima Jinnah Park after torture. Police also confirmed that the ambassador’s daughter was brutally tortured and tied with ropes.

No word is enough to condemn such a despicable incident that in fact is also an attack on the values we stand for.

Taking notice of the incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad to ensure that culprits behind the incident are arrested forthwith and all facts behind the incident ascertained.

In our view, anti-Pakistan elements may be behind this incident as their aim is not only to malign Pakistan but also create friction between the two fraternal countries.

Hence, investigation of this incident should be carried out at the highest level and findings be shared with the Afghan mission and their government.

The fact of matter is that this horrific incident with the envoy’s daughter shocked and upset everybody as people of Pakistan have a special love and affection for their Afghan brothers and sisters.

This is also visible from the generosity extended by Pakistan to millions of Afghan refugees over the last many decades.

No incident of this nature has been reported where even an Afghan refugee girl was maltreated in such a manner.

The perpetrators indeed deserve no mercy and must be given exemplary punishment after arrest.

Also it is the responsibility of our government to ensure safety and security of diplomatic missions.

Given the current situation unfolding in the neighbourhood, it has become imperative to revisit security of foreign missions and it should be beefed up, giving a sense of well-being and protection to them.


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