RDA achieves new milestone



THE innovative initiative of Roshan Digital Account on the part of present government is proving to be great success as regards attracting remittances from Overseas Pakistanis is concerned.

In a tweet on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared that inflows into the RDA has crossed $ 1.5 billion with investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates surpassing $ 1 billion.

The initiative launched almost ten months ago indeed has become an attractive avenue of investment and saving for the expatriate Pakistani community.

Using their RDAs, the overseas Pakistanis can avail digital banking facilities, utility bills and tuition fee payment in Pakistan as well as investment in government bills, stock exchange and real estate sector with option of full repatriation.

Under the RDA, initiatives such as Roshan Apni Car have also been launched under which the Overseas Pakistanis can purchase car for their family members in Pakistan on a very less mark up rate.

It really goes to the credit of present government for understanding and valuing the potential of Overseas Pakistanis and extending such facilitation to them never done before.

This has given confidence to the Overseas Pakistanis and we are confident that the inflows into the RDA will continue to register new records in the weeks and months ahead.

Since PM Khan is highly regarded by the Overseas Pakistanis, we will suggest that affluent Non-Resident Pakistanis must be approached and encouraged to make direct investment in different sectors of economy including IT and industries.

This will have immense impact on our economy as on the one hand there will be increased inflow of dollars whilst on the other hand will help the country provide job opportunities to the youth and enhance its export base.

We also need to recognize their contribution by granting them right to vote as well as allowing them contest the elections.

All the political parties whilst setting aside their petty differences should sit together to reach a consensus legislation in this regard.

This will really transmit a very positive message and woo the Non-Resident Pakistanis to come back and play their part in the uplift of their homeland.

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