Rats in Indian hospital’s ICU kill patient


A 38-year-old man bitten by rats in the respiratory intensive care unit (ICU) was left bleeding in a hos-pital in Telangana and passed away after being transferred to a different hospital, NDTV reported.

Srinivas reportedly had a history of alcoholism with his liver and pancreas terribly impacted. He had also suffered from two cardiac attacks before and was surviving on a ventilator.

“The death happened due to complications and not due to rat-bite,” Director of Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr K Manohar was qouted by NDTV. The public is however infuriated at MGM Hos-pital, where Srinivas was left with the rats. “…he was bleeding badly. The bed was blood-soaked, so I complained,” the attendant, patient’s brother Srikant said.

MGM Hospital took strict action after the inci-dent, suspending the head of the department and two doctors. The sanitation contractor was also black-listed. The staff and patients reported that rats were fairly common due to the drainage under repair.

“Nothing we can do as the drainage work is un-der repair,” a nurse said.—Agencies


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