PTI to utilize all legal options to ensure Sanjrani’s victory: Shibli

Staff Reporter

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz on Wednesday said that the ruling PTI will utilize all it’s political, democratic and legal options to ensure Sadiq Sanjrani’s victory as chairman Senate.

The minister reiterated that Prime Minister Imran Khan has a strong commitment to fight against immoral and undemocratic tactics, having previously said that the opposition was harming democracy by using illegal and immoral tactics, including the sale and purchase of votes.

“The opposition parties under the PDM want to bring the incumbent government under pressure,” Shibli said, adding, “but Prime Minister Imran Khan won’t accept any pressure or be influenced [by them]”, he stated earlier on March 7.

The PTI leader reasoned that the reason the ruling party was still functioning was that the party never gave up its ideology for petty gains.