PTI lawmakers will resign en masse if CM Elahi refuses to dissolve Punjab Assembly: PTI MP

PTI Punjab assembly

Lahore: The confusion over whether Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi will dissolve the provincial assembly once he receives the direction from PTI Chairman Imran Khan persists despite assurances from him that he would not take long if Imran Khan asks him.

A provincial minister from the PTI has now claimed that all the PTI lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly will resign en masse in case CM Parvez Elahi does not follow the direction of Imran Khan to dissolve the elected house.

Irrigation Minister Hashim Dogar told the media on Sunday that CM Elahi will dissolve the house if and when Imran Khan directs him to do so. However, he added, in case he (the CM) does not, all 178 PTI MPAs will tender their resignations.

Last month, Imran Khan, on the culmination of their second long march, had said that they had decided to opt-out of the “corrupt system and quit all assemblies”.

“My party has decided not to remain part of the current political system and will instead resign from all the assemblies,” Imran Khan had announced.

Following this announcement, however, CM Parvez Elahi and his son, Moonis Elahi, assured Imran Khan of complete support and vowed to dissolve the assembly immediately on Khan’s call.

Earlier this month, CM Pervaiz Elahi said that he would always support Imran Khan no matter the cost.

“We fully support those we choose to ally ourselves with,’ he said, vowing to dissolve the Punjab assembly on Imran Khan’s call.

Pervaiz Elahi claimed that the Opposition would fail in the no-confidence number game. “Opposition tactics for no-confidence motion and Governor Rule would be failed,” he claimed.