Protesting lawyers’ licences should be cancelled: Justice Faez Isa


Supreme Court of Pakistan judge Justice Qazi Faez Essa on Monday remarked that the licences of the lawyers engaging in strikes must be revoked. Justice Essa, hearing a petition against a Faisalabad-based industry accused of stealing gas worth Rs67.8 million, was apprised of the multiple instances of absence by lawyers pleading the case in the trial court on account of the strike.

The judge remarked why lawyers engaged in the strike. “They do not follow the code of conduct they constituted themselves, so licences of such lawyers and the judges endorsing strikes as a reason for absence in their orders must be revoked,” he remarked. This code of conduct was constituted by lawyers and not by the court or parliament. He remarked that anyone went on strike whenever he willed. “If this practice continues, it will tamp down the credibility of the judicial system,” he remarked. “If every citizen performs their duty, it could lead the country to progress.”