Propaganda against army unacceptable


ESPECIALLY after the ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan from power, a malicious propaganda campaign has been started against Pakistan Army- the objective of which is only to malign the institution and create a rift between the military and the society.

In fact, those doing this are doing no favour to the country but only moving forward the agenda of the enemy which has always tried to target Pakistan Army through its misleading and baseless propaganda campaigns.

In an interview on Tuesday, ISPR Director General Major General Babar Iftikhar once again rejected the narrative of conspiracy in cipher from the US and said intelligence officials had categorically informed the National Security Committee meeting that there was no evidence of any conspiracy.

It is, however, unfortunate that former PM Imran Khan is not ready to accept this version of the Army because of his own petty political interests and he along with his supporters continue to lambast the institution for not saving the previous government.

The fact of the matter is that the Army has repeatedly stated that the institution has nothing to do with the politics and it should not be dragged into it.

We will suggest the political parties to refrain from targeting Pakistan Army as it is the most disciplined and professional institution and maligning it amounts to weakening the country.

Instead of looking towards it, they should themselves settle their matters. If our political parties really believe in democracy and democratic norms, then they should take steps towards strengthening it rather than pursuing the course of backdoors to come to power.

As regards the role of Pakistan Army for national security is concerned, it has been commendable.

The Army spokesperson revealed it for the first time that a special cell was set up at the GHQ to prevent Pakistan going into the blacklist of FATF.

In addition, the way our forces have broken the back of terrorists through successful operations in different parts of the country and foiled the plots of India is well known to everybody.

For us, strong Army means strong Pakistan. Hence any sort of propaganda against the institution is totally unacceptable and those behind it must be taken to task as per the law of the land.