Professor Khalid Khan explains why the Mediterranean diet is ideal for Pregnant Women


It is always a perplexing dilemma for expecting women when choosing a nutritious, healthy diet. Their body goes through many changes, and the nutritional needs also vary. In this regard, Professor Khalid Khan, an acclaimed researcher, has some interesting findings to share about the Mediterranean Diet.
With numerous accolades and titles, including Spinoza Professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands; Sims Black Professor at the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in London; and Beatriz Galindo Distinguished Investigator at the University of Granada in Spain, Dr. Khalid Khan has been at the top of his field for decades. Beyond his many credentials, Dr. Khalid Khan is the lead author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Systematic Reviews to Support Evidence-based Medicine’, which won a British Medical Association Medical Book award. It is available in English, Chinese, and German languages. The book continues to be an essential text for all medical, surgical, and health professionals. For nearly two decades, he has regularly been invited to deliver training workshops and lectures by many of the world’s most well-known conferences and universities at their most prestigious events.

Being one of the top researchers in his field, Dr. Khalid Khan is currently working with the with the advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on health emergency, Dr. Ghazna Siddiqui in order to help the country and its esteemed consortium of doctors to understand more about covid-19.

This verdict came out after a series of prolonged and in-depth experiments. Pregnant women with metabolic risk factors were randomly prescribed the Mediterranean diet in the Effect of Simple, Targeted Diet on Pregnancy Outcomes (ESTEEM) study, conducted in 5 inner-city United Kingdom hospitals. The diet consisted of legumes, vegetables, olive oil, fruits, nuts, fish, and poultry, along with controlled amounts of red meat. The women who followed a Mediterranean-style diet improved their consumption of the essential diet constituents. They gained less weight than those who took a regular diet.

Having a Mediterranean diet can benefit both a mother and her unborn child by providing them with the right nutrients they need. Pregnancy with this type of diet contributes to a healthy weight gain and reduces concerns about complications like gestational diabetes. However, you need to take into account the folate as well. It is crucial to consume enough folate during the first 30 days to prevent neural tube defects during pregnancy.
The findings also indicated that a Mediterranean-style diet also benefits obese women, those with high blood pressure, and those with elevated cholesterol (lipid) levels before conceiving a child.

During the study, all the women were given adequate dietary and medical consultation as per their needs. During this study, the outcomes were prioritized via Delphi surveys while considering composite maternal and composite off springs as the primary endpoints. Dr. Khalid Khan found that this intervention reduced the risk of gestational diabetes by 35%. A meta-analysis of the ESTEEM research findings with those from a comparable experiment revealed a 33% drop in gestational diabetes, yet no impact on the other factors.

Dr. Khalid Khan now offers worldwide assistance to health researchers with research planning and writing. Furthermore, he has delivered writing courses directed at healthcare staff at any grade giving them the tools, tips, and tricks with which to prepare and submit convincing manuscripts for publication. Dr.Khalid Khan has been invited to give courses to a worldwide audience in over 37 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, and the EU (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Italy).

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