President for preserving precious rainwater and fortification against floods

President Alvi Kashmir

President Arif Alvi has called upon the Federal and Provincial governments to take all necessary measures to preserve the precious sweet water brought to us by mother nature by the monsoon weather system. He said that it helps augment growth of food and increases the production of cheap hydroelectricity ensuring economic growth. He stressed that all precautionary measures should be taken to prevent flood-like situations in the country to save lives and property.

The President said that the monsoon rain system would soon mark the beginning of the cultivation of rain-fed Kharif crops and will determine the yield of rice, wheat, sugarcane, oilseeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables, and the quality and quantity of dairy products.

The President said that the quantity of monsoon rain harnessed and preserved by us will determine the quality and quantity of our agricultural production, will provide freshwater to fill aquifers and wells, refill the dams and replenish the underground water reservoirs.

The President warned that we must conserve water and if we failed to harness this precious resource brought free of cost by Almighty Allah to us, we will grow less food; agribusinesses will not produce enough to sell; governments will have to import expensive food; electricity will become more expensive, and will limit the development of large businesses.

The President called upon the federal and provincial authorities to take necessary precautionary measures beforehand to prevent flood-like situation, mudslides, and possible water outbursts, especially in rural and hilly areas to save precious lives and properties.

He said Pakistan needed to work on both structural and non-structural measures for flood protection which may include raising the storage capacity of our dams, supplementing our capability of early flood forecasting and flood warning, restoration of existing wetlands and proper planning of urban development.