Preparation for winter contingency plan directed


Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Tariq Salam Marwat while issuing instructions to all the departments and district administration officers to take steps and form the Winter Contingency Plan, said that all the departments should work together to facilitate tourists and protect their lives. The DC of Abbottabad said this while chairing a meeting regarding the winter contingency plan at his office.

He said that playing your role to ensure the safety of the property, and guaranteeing the creation of a systematic winter contingency plan under the supervision of the district administration will ensure the provision of a better environment for tourism and the citizens. Galyat Development Authority (GDA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority (KPH), C&W, and all other departments should ensure the provision of winter uniforms for their staff and facilities for all their heavy-duty vehicles during snowfall so that all staff can perform their duties in a better way, adding the DC said.

Tariq Salam Marwat stated that departments should maintain vehicle fitness to ensure snow clearance and provision of facilities to people. All roads should be cleaned on a priority basis in proportion to population and measures should be taken on an emergency basis to prevent any untoward incident.

Simultaneously, all the departments should prepare their detailed contingency plan, during snowfall, the District Resource and Communication Center established at Abbottabad, will act as the main control room, adding he said.

The DC said that apart from this, a sub-control room consisting of representatives of GDA, Civil Defense, C&W, KPHA, and other departments will perform their responsibility in Galyat. The administration should simultaneously accommodate the possible number of vehicles and tourists on the streets at any one time in Galyat, AC Abbottabad and AAC Galyat must compile a record of all the hotels and set up a plan to avoid any emergency during the winter season, the DC said.

He said that the supply of medicine, availability of food and drink, and all possible facilities to the staff and patients should be ensured as much as possible during snowfall in Galyat, the roads should be kept open, food and drink supply should be ensured, fuel supply reports should be sent.

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