PPP discloses benefits MQM-P got from federation


After the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) threatened to separate from the coalition government, the Pakistan People’s Party has shared the details of the benefits the party has received from the federal government.

According to sources, PPP has complained about the behaviour of MQM-P to the federation and allies.

It revealed that MQM-P’s schemes were included in the provincial budget and Aminul Haq and Faisal Sabzwari were made federal ministers.

The governor of Sindh was installed at the behest of MQM-P and Murtaza Wahab’s resignation was taken at the behest of the party.

PPP also told them that MQM-P’s administrators were appointed in three districts and the provincial government played a role in the return of its workers. Officers were appointed in Karachi and Hyderabad on the recommendation of MQM-P.