Potholes are good for us . . !


WHY is everyone complaining about potholes during the monsoons? Potholes are good and we need to appreciate the government for allowing us to keep them for such long periods of time.

Come with me to a dinner party; what do you think everybody’s talking about? Potholes of course.

There was a time when people didn’t know what to say to each other once they were introduced, now it’s different: “I just encountered two pot holes on the way here.” “

Two? I’ve left my car behind in one of them!” “What car was it?” “A Mercedes!” “Was it a big one? “It’s the latest model!” “No, not the car, the pothole?”

Now just imagine, what these two people would have had to say if potholes did not start them going. Then there’s so much adventure in having potholes.

My friend who spends most monsoons climbing the Himalayas was grinning the other day. “Bob, I don’t need to climb the mountains anymore, there’s adventure right here,” he said.

“You get into a pothole and you put your whole life at stake! You not sure you’ll come out with broken limbs, malaria or cholera. No amount of mountain climbing could ever give such element of risk. From now on it’s the pot holes for me!”

An American who got off the International Airport grinned at me, “You guys are into water sports in a big way huh?” he asked.

“With so much swimming you chaps should walk away, sorry swim away with the gold!” “Potholes,” said a government medical college psychiatrist lecturing to his students, “helps make us a tough people. We should be grateful to a government who year after year have helped produce strong people.

After a pothole experience you can handle overcrowded buses and trains, living in slums, overflowing garbage, flooding of roads, riots, bandhs and bomb blasts!” “Sir, would you like me to write a letter to the government thanking them for potholes?” asked a bright medical student, who was tipped off to win the gold medal in anatomy.

“Go ahead,” beamed the lecturer, “and be sure to write it from inside one!” A chief minister when told of the many potholes on all the roads grinned from ear to ear. “Tell the public to widen and deepen the potholes!” he said. “Why sir?” asked his PA. “We might strike oil or gold!” he said.

Like I said at the beginning, I can’t figure out why everyone’s complaining about potholes. They’re good for us and we need to appreciate the government for allowing us to keep them for such long periods of time, even after the rains..!

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