Poor scrutiny resulting in failure of malnutrition program in Sindh



The ongoing malnutrition program in 23 districts of Sindh province, which started in 2017, still seems to have failed in achieving its desired goals.

The malnutrition program includes seven sectors. However, these seven sectors are not fully operational in any of the districts. Under the multi-sectoral approach, hens, goats and fish were to be given to selected malnourished households.

However, according to the information received, only a few families were given sick and dying goats and hens and several pictures of them were adorned on websites and files.

Similarly, there are reports of pictures being uploaded by giving two or four fish among the selected people in the backward areas.

On the one hand, there were reports of non-availability of medicines for malnutrition, on the other hand, alleged corruption in the ongoing malnutrition program in Sindh through the electronic media was also exposed.

Under the same program, 5,200 villages of Sindh were to be made Open Defecation Free (ODF). What happened with it? The people could not know anything about it.

Under the agriculture sector, it is being considered a ridiculous joke to make the simple villagers aware of growing vegetables and their benefits.

There are also reports of rifts, contradictions and negative attitudes among the staff working in the program. The reason behind possible failure of the program is being considered to be lack of effective scrutiny, investigation, verification and check and balance measures.

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