Police sells drugs to prisoners coming for hearing



Police personnel are found involved in providing drugs to accused appearing in court from prison. A Central Jail inmate has already informed the authorities about the illegal activities.The lock-up in charge involved in drug trafficking has been immediately suspended and an investigation has been launched.

Muhammad Hassan Sehto, Senior Superintendent of Central Jail said that hundreds of prisoners from Central Jail are produced in different courts on daily basis.

Prisoners are conscious when they go to court from prison, but when they return to the prison after appearing in court, many of them are found under the influence of drugs and it becomes difficult for prison authorities to handle them. One such prisoner returned to the jail in a state of extreme intoxication and said that he had bought drugs in the city court from a man named Khawar who sells drugs.

In this regard, the SP Court Police Abid Qaim Khani said that Khawar Shoaib is the lock-up in-charge in the City Court and as soon as the incident was reported, he immediately suspended him. Departmental action has also been initiated against accused Khawar.

Abid Qaim Khani said that apart from this if any complaint is received, immediate action is taken against the person involved.Sources said that a few days ago, an inmate of Central Jail fell outside the barracks. During the counting of prisoners in the evening, it was found that one prisoner was missing. Later, he was found lying unconscious behind a barracks.

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