Police issue security plan for Ramazan


The Punjab police have issued a security plan for the province during holy month of Ramazan.

A spokesperson said on Saturday that comprehensive security would be provided to all religious places and citizens of the province during Ramazan.

In this regard, 18,942 officers and personnel would be on duty for security of 28,581 mosques, 2,228 imambargahs and 411 religious places across province whereas lady police personnel would also be deployed for the security of main mosques, imambargahs and minority places of worship.

The spokesperson said that CCTV cameras, walk-through gates and metal detectors would also be used for the security of sensitive mosques and imambargahs.

More than 4,000 private guards and more than 44,000 volunteers would also provide assistance for protection of mosques and madrasas.

The spokesperson said that Dolphin, PERU and other teams of district police would be on duty for security and patrolling in cities during Sehri, Iftar and Taraweeh.

The spokesperson said that more than 5,000 police personnel, including ladies police, would be on duty to protect mosques and imambargahs in the provincial capital Lahore.

Similarly, 110 teams of police response unit (PRU), 307 teams of Dolphin squad and vehicles of 84 police stations would be on patrol duty during Sehri, Iftar and Tarahweeh in Lahore.

According to the spokesperson, crackdown would continue in all districts along with district administration and special branch against sale and stockpiling of expensive items and search, sweep combing and intelligence based operations will be carried out in sensitive areas on daily basis.


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