Research & effective medicine make TB curable


With the advancement of medical science, modern research, timely diagnosis and availability of effective medicines, TB has become now curable.

However in third world countries including Pakistan due to a number of factors, the disease is still spreading rapidly.

A large number of patients with this disease leave the treatment incomplete instead of finishing it due to its length and because of this disease becomes drug resistant which can be fatal for the patient.

It is a matter of great concern that more than 4 lakh patients are suffering from tuberculosis in Pakistan every year. He added that as long as there is a single TB patient exists in the world, the chances of the disease spreading will remain alarming.

These views were expressed by PGMI & Ameer Uddin Medical College Principal Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar at a seminar on Tuberculosis outbreak, timely treatment and diagnosis and reduction of mortality rate organized by Dept. of Pulmonology, HoD Pulmonology LGH Dr. Javed Magsi, Associate Professor Dr. Irfan Malik, Assistant Professor Dr. Huma Batool, Dr. Naeem Akhtar, Dr. Aftab Anwar and Dr. Umar Cheema discussed the different types, complications, precautions and modernization of TB disease. The seminar was also attended by young doctors, nurses and paramedics. MS Dr. Khalid Bin Aslam said that LGH has modern machinery and equipment for diagnosis including outdoor medical examination facility from Monday to Saturday.

Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that millions of rupees are required for the treatment of drug resistant TB which the common man cannot afford. He said that the Government has allocated ample funds for free diagnostic facilities and medicines in Government hospitals for the treatment of tuberculosis and it is need of the hour that philanthropists come forward and take part in this “Jihad”.

Medical experts said that it is a contagious disease which affects the people living in the surrounding environment and family by coughing, sputum, mucus, etc., on the floor and in open spaces which can spread the disease to about 10 healthy people, which requires serious efforts to prevent and launch a public awareness campaign for prevention of TB. Dr Irfan Malik said that about 34 out of every 100,000 patients die every year. While Dr. Aftab Anwar said that tuberculosis in children are different in symptoms as compared to adults and children become lethargic, bored and irritable which needs immediate attention.

Talking to the media, Principal PGMI said that people should abstain from smoking, alcohol, betel and “gutka” etc. and patients suffering from tuberculosis should complete their course of treatment as per the instructions of the physician so that complete recovery can be achieved. He said that instead of considering TB as a social evil, the patient should be treated and encouraged as the job of doctors is not only to treat the patient but also to educate them for which they have to fulfill their responsibilities.

Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that people living in slums and backward areas, dark, small rooms and houses in large numbers in the suburbs of cities are easy targets for TB because in such places the patient coughs and sneezes and the germs remain present in the atmosphere which affects the people sitting nearby so we should stay in bright and airy houses.


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